PLP Pathways: It's a Wrap

For PLP Pathways, today marks the start of summer. Yesterday, we finished the 2017-2018 school year with the closing of the Middle Grades Institute at Castleton University. As always, the Institute gave us the opportunity to reconnect with friends, colleagues and committed educators from across Vermont.

Supported by the Middle Grades Collaborative and the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education, the Middle Grades Institute focuses on those principles and practices of middle level education that foster student growth and learning.

This year, the Institute used Chris Stevenson's 5 Efficacies: affiliation, ethical self, competence, responsibility, and awareness to frame how we engage middle level learners.

Coupled with existing pedagogical frameworks, these efficacies help understand middle level learners and give us touchpoints to consider as we continue developing our practices.

A key overarching theory underlying these efficacies continues to be the development of student voice and choice to increase engagement. Over and over again we hear the importance of engaging students by empowering them in the educational process. For a case study in how this can be accomplished in the high school classroom, check out this reflection by Alison Gauthier of U-32 high school.

Moving forward, Stevenson's 5 Efficacies will be woven into our work as we continue to support innovative and engaging teaching throughout Vermont and beyond.

To our contributors, supporters andall teachers and students who have worked so hard this year, have a great summer.