Middle Grades Review

Middle Grades Review provides a provocative forum for debate within the field of middle grades education. Inviting a critical perspective, the Review is a peer-reviewed, open access venue for scholars and practitioners who wish to broaden the discourse of middle grades education by challenging conventional wisdom. The Review seeks pieces that explore three themes: Democratic Education, Innovation, and Social Justice, in relation to middle grades education and early adolescence.

Current Issue: Teaching and Learning in Our Times 2.0


PDF   Teaching and Learning for Our Times, 2.0: Editorial Remarks

James F. Nagle, Saint Michael's College and Penny A. Bishop, University of Vermont


PDF   Using a Connected Learning Framework to Promote Democratic Education During a Transition to Online Learning

Abigail H. Baker, Clemson University and Jennifer L. Kassimer, University of Pittsburgh


PDF   Complex and Connected Lives: Voices of “English Language Learners” in Middle School

Anny F. Case, Gonzaga University

PDF   The Transition From Intermediate School To High School: Insights From Pasifika Families

Emma Cunningham, University of Auckland and Rebecca Jesson, University of Auckland

PDF   Neutrality and Narratives: Situating Middle Grades Preservice Teachers in Broader Educational Discourses

Rachel Ranschaert, University of Georgia

Practitioner Perspectives

PDF   Fostering Brave Spaces for Discussions About Race

Grace I. Gilmour, University of Vermont

PDF   Building a Strong Foundation: Using Advisory to Support Students in an Uncertain Time

Brie Healy, Williston Central School