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September 23rd 2021--MGC Conversations: Season 7 Begins

How are teachers building relationships, developing learning communities, and working to build consistent structures of learning? What challenges and surprises have arisen through the first three weeks of school? How has our work for equity, social justice and antiracism continued? These questions and more will be covered in our first conversation of the 2021-22 school year.

MGC Conversations: Reflecting on the Year, Building for the Future

The school year’s end is in sight and for many of us, unwinding the experience will take time, space, reflection and healing. What did we learn?

MGC Conversations: Responding to Student Feedback

This month, we will discuss the different opportunities that teachers are considering and implementing to support these dialogues and confront racial and social injustice.

MGC Conversations: Structures to Support Student Dialogue on Critical Issues

This month we continued our discussion related to student empowerment, shared perspectives, and addressing issues related to current events (anti-racism, white supremacy and privilege).

MGC Conversations: Empowering Students Through Dialogue, Part 3

Student partners and educators continue our conversation about race and privilege with a discussion of how teachers need to worry less about "getting it right" and more about developing structures for dialogue and discussion.

MGC Conversations 6: Student Empowerment Through Dialogue

Student partners and educators follow up the January conversation about race and privilege with a discussion of how teachers need to worry less about "getting it right" and more about having critical conversations.

MGC Conversations: Student Empowerment, Part 2

MGC: Conversations Webinar 6, February 18 @ 3:15 Register here. Last month’s powerful conversation with students has necessitated a second chapter! This month we will continue our discussion related to student empowerment and shared perspectives.

MGC Conversations: Student Empowerment

Last week's conversation included several students. Their insights, perspective and suggestions were incredible. Check it out here:

Middle Grades Conference: January 23

2021 Middle Grades Conference Over 200 educators convened at the week-long Middle Grades Institute last summer to plan for an uncertain school year. Today they return to share their experiences and learning…

Middle Grades Review: Global Education in Middle Grades

Publication of a special edition of the Middle Grades Review, Global Education in Middle Grades can be found here: