Conference: Equitable Learning for Young Adolescents

Keynote: Alex Shevrin Venet 

Saturday, January 29, 2022, 9:00am EDT

Unconditional Positive Regard: A Powerful Equity Stance

Alex's 2022 Keynote Recording

As schools seek to center equity and justice and become trauma-informed, one piece of advice is often repeated: build relationships. But what kind of relationships are the most transformative? How should teachers consider their relationship-building through an equity-centered trauma-informed lens? In equity-centered trauma-informed educational approaches, the answer is unconditional positive regard. This transformative mindset impacts not only our day-to-day interactions, but the very foundations of how we do school. Unconditional positive regard demands that we value students for who they are, not what they do or how they achieve academically. In this keynote, learn how unconditional positive regard can be a powerful equity stance that honors students’ full humanity.

This free and fully online conference features a wide array of educators, students, and community stakeholders who gather to share classroom, team and school level practices that advance equity and responsiveness in education. 

Conference Overview

9:00 Welcome and Keynote

10:00-10:45 Session A

11:00-11:45 Session B

12:00-12:45 Session C

12:45-1:00  Commitments and Closing