Middle School is Not a Building

To improve middle grades education in Vermont, educators must work in an integrated, coherent, and comprehensive manner. Within this document, the Vermont Middle Grades Task Force proposes ten recommendations for improving the education of Vermont’s 10 to 15 year olds. These goals, drawn from seminal research-based documents, point to curriculum, instruction, and assessment; school organization…

Middle Grades Students as Teacher Educators- Summary of Study (AERA 2014)

Middle Grades Students as Teacher Educators: Study Summary
American Educational Research Association
Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA April 4, 2014

John Downes, University of Vermont,

Integrating Student Consultation into Teacher Professional Development

Downes, J. M., Nagle, J., & Bishop, P. A. (2010). Integrating student consultation into teacher professional development: The Middle Grades Collaborative. Current Issues in Middle Level Education, 15(1), 36-44. (Available for download below).

Most professional development for teachers does not involve opportunities for them to hone their practice in direct collaboration…

“Not Just a Poster on the Wall:” Weaving Together Technology and Middle Grades Philosophy

John M. Downes,
Penny A. Bishop,
University of Vermont

National Middle School Association Annual Conference
Indianapolis, IN
November 6th, 2009


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Partnering with Students in Middle Grades Teacher Professional Development

John Downes,
Regina Toolin,
University of Vermont

Presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Conference
San Diego, April 2009


In the last several decades researchers have devoted substantial effort to understanding
how student voice can contribute to improving schools, particularly…

Middle Years Teacher Preparation and Student Engagement in New Zealand

Penny A. Bishop, Ed.D.,
University of Vermont

Nicola Durling and Lisa Ng
New Zealand Ministry of Education


While New Zealand displays a strong grassroots middle schooling movement (Stewart & Nolan, 1992), the country’s schooling structure remains decidedly two-tiered. The prominence of primary and secondary schools is apparent in…

Partnering with Students:

Partnering with Students: Cultivating Student Aspirations through Responsive Middle Grades Practice -- A core theme of the UVM-GEAR UP initiative

John Downes, University of Vermont
Sarita Austin, Counselor, Essex Middle School

Presented to the Vermont School Counselors Association
Dartmouth, September 22, 2009

Abstract: This presentation…

Partnering in the Middle 2013 Conference Program

Final program for the Partnering in the Middle Conference, January 12, 2013, the culminating conference for the 2012 Middle Grades Institute.


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Making Change in the Middle Conference 2010 Program

Making Change in the Middle Conference 2010 Program


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Bill Romond Keynote at MGI 2010

The keynote presented by Bill Romond at the 2010 Middle Grades Institute, June 28, 2010.


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