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PLP Implementation Reflection

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It's the end of October, the time change occurs this weekend, and teachers are out straight with all of the duties, obligations, tasks, meetings, and things to do that are part of the profession.For those…

PLPs and Parent Communications

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Late September and early October bring leaf-peepers, spectacular fall foliage, and hopefully, some rhythm to the school year. Among all the activity, and depending on school implementation of personal…

Are Relationships the Key To Good Goals?

Goal-SettingGoalsGrowthIndependent LearningPersonalization

As the school year progresses, students should be working their way through the Identity stage of the Personal Learning Framework. As noted in our last blog post, not only can this serve as a great way…

Identity, PLPs, and the Learning Community

CommunityIdentityPersonal LearningTechnology

Personal learning plans can be an ideal platform for starting off the new year and getting to know the new students who have entered your learning community. This year, after a brief primer on digital…