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Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

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Today’s post is brought to you by Don Taylor, language arts and social studies teacher at Main Street Middle School in Montpelier and co-director of PLP Pathways.Welcome to the 2017 - 2018 edition of PLP…

Project Based Learning: Engineering Edition

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This blog post is from U-32 science teacher and PLP Pathways contributor Alison Gauthier.On the Global Studies end, learners focused on various countries and policies in place to combat climate change.…

Practitioner Perspective: Weaving Goals, Reflection, and Transferable Skills into the Curriculum


This week's blog post is from regular contributor Lindsey Halman, founder and teacher on the Edge Academy Team in Essex.Each Monday on the Edge Academy Team at Essex Middle School, we have a full team…

PLP Pathways Partners with Vermont NEA

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In a continuing effort to develop quality professional development to Vermont educators, PLP Pathways recently partnered with the Vermont NEA to deliver a one day workshop on the implementation and use…

PLPs @ Dynamic Landscapes

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Williston Swift House facilitators Amy Skapof and Kevin Hunt, a contributor to the PLP Pathways professional development program, had the opportunity of presenting Swift House’s structure and PLP/e-Portfolio…