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Practitioner Perspective: Weaving Goals, Reflection, and Transferable Skills into the Curriculum


This week's blog post is from regular contributor Lindsey Halman, founder and teacher on the Edge Academy Team in Essex.Each Monday on the Edge Academy Team at Essex Middle School, we have a full team…

PLP Collaboration at PAML

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Here at Peoples Academy Middle Level, we were fortunate to have two professional development days over the past month and a half. One of components of our work during the professional development time…

Using Labels In Blogger To Support Evidence and Reflection

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Returning to school after the winter break, I always feel that I need to refocus my students on their evidence and goal reflections.. At this point in the year they have been working on their goals for…

Collaboration on Goals

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This week, we've been collaborating on two fronts with regards to setting goals and how teachers can best implement the goal-setting process. Life Legeros of the Tarrant Institute has been working with…

Collaboration into Practice: Using Technology to Improve Student Outcomes

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Last year, as part of a personal learning pilot program, we started hosting a webinar called

PLP Implementation Reflection

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It's the end of October, the time change occurs this weekend, and teachers are out straight with all of the duties, obligations, tasks, meetings, and things to do that are part of the profession.For those…

Are Relationships the Key To Good Goals?

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As the school year progresses, students should be working their way through the Identity stage of the Personal Learning Framework. As noted in our last blog post, not only can this serve as a great way…