Thanks to All!

Thanks to all for a terrific MGI 2016! For those of you who wish to (re)visit the learning from the week, much of the content is posted on the MGI 2016 website. In the meantime, here's what a few of you had to say about our time together:


  • My disposition for my pedagogy has changed from a "this is what I have to do" to a "this is what I can do". I can bring about positive change in my classroom and school. I just have to follow my heart and do what I know is best for kids- personalized, flexible and proficiency based learning!
  • The MGI staff is shaping education in Vermont, and Vermont is continuing to emerge as a pioneer of progressive, intuitive, and student-centered education. Furthermore, the MGI staff work with integrity as they inspire and inform educators across the state. Thank you all so much.
  • This is one of the only times during the year where I can really be reflective on my previous year and think about how I will make changes for the next year in a way that leads to real changes and professional development.
  • For my first MGI, I have been exposed to a sensational amount of resources that I look forward to accessing. Also, covering the core values of the middle grades institute has newly shaped the way I approach working with middle school students.
  • You are all such an inspiration and I am so grateful that I have been afforded the opportunity to attend this institute for two years. Being a middle level educator was not in my plan, and I have developed a passion for teaching middle level learners. You have all made that journey more exciting and possible! Thank you!
  • You guys rock! I really appreciated the responsiveness of everyone to ensure that our needs were getting met. This was impressively supportive this week. Thank you.
  • The most beneficial learning I will take away is to always remember the impact our initiatives have on the students. Take it slowly and listen to student feedback.
  • MGI is the highlight of professional learning for me. I appreciate the feedback, thoughtful conversations, and collaboration that are fostered by the staff. Thank you for your hard work and support!
  • I benefited a lot from interacting with colleagues from around the state. Hearing from others new ideas, things that have worked well and challenges faced helped my team to come up with innovative ideas and problem solve.
  • One of the greatest aspects of the institute is the week to reflect and restore...sometimes that involves (for me) a tendency to look back with regret at where I am at. Having the support of colleagues and trusted individuals is invaluable. I really do feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to the work that had completely drained me this year. That's a good sign!!

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